PvP-NA Sulfuras, is recruiting all 55+ players interested in a moderately paced and consistent raiding experience. We are also considering any guild mergers with those who have a common vision! We want to help our players see content, get gear, and accomplish their personal goals in World of Warcraft Classic. Guild identity, community, and fun are important to us. If you want to represent yourself well, enjoy the community, and enjoy the game without pulling your hair out and no-life-ing, Lichbane is the guild for you! Discord is a must for all raid members, casual members interested in tagging along are allowed as well. If interested in joining Lichbane, please join our guild Discord( If you are interested in joining our Raid roster, please fill out this Google form ( as well. Thank you for considering Lichbane and enjoy your time in Azeroth!

Loot Policy

Loot counsel with a preference to simply allow main spec roll.

Raid Requirements

We know some people have a busy life and don’t need more commitments. Show up in-spec, at least 14/17 pre-raid bis, on-time, with consumables (on-progression), and in-Discord and things will go smoothly!

Raid Times

Tuesday 7pm EST to 11pm EST (Server Time) Wednesday 7pm EST to 11pm EST (Server Time) [If necessary]


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Papias Priest 21/30/0 Dwarf