The guild was started by a bunch of friends who have been playing WoW together since original Vanilla. We are very experienced PVE players, we’ve all raided at a server first level, with many achievements and titles on our retail mains. We’re experienced when it comes to running a guild, is a structured and organised guild, despite being very new, we understand that for the guild to run smoothly, we must make every effort to plan ahead. Banter is not in short supply, you’ll find us on voice chat most evenings, running dungeons and just enjoying Classic.

First and foremost, we’re PvE raiders. That being said, we do want to experience every aspect of Classic and we do have members with hopes of achieving high-end PvP ranks, so there will be premade groups for to you join, should you fancy slaughtering some Gnomes or Elves. So, we’ll be raiding to the best of our ability. We will set goals for each Phase, but the main objective will always be to clear the content as quickly as possible, without burning out and while still enjoying the hell out of the game. We’ve experienced raiding every day of the week or staying up all night to kill a boss before anyone else, we’re not trying to do that again. We are taking raiding seriously, but we are definitely not a hardcore guild. There are no enforcements on levelling quickly, take it at your own pace and enjoy the game. We will start raiding once the majority of our raiders are 60, attuned and have enough gear (TBD). Essentially, our main goal is to raid, to the best of our ability and clear all content each phase as quickly as possible.

Loot Policy

Lootcouncil is in place and requires the addon RCLootCouncil. BiS lists are agreed via Discord group channels and adhered to.

Raid Requirements

To a degree, we’re looking for literally any experienced players looking to raid. You must be mature enough to not rage about loot or decisions made by the guild for the greater good. Snowflakes need not apply. You must be willing to fit into the roster, we will be optimising our raid team based on what we have available, but we will not be supporting a raid full of hybrids. Your previous raiding experience will be taken into consideration when you apply, ideally we’d like experienced raiders, whether that’s Vanilla, BFA or anything in between. Attendance will be key, we understand that people have holidays or outside commitments and expecting 40 players to always have the same schedule is not realistic, that being said, attendance will be important, please do not apply if you know that your play time is due to drastically reduce in the near future. Consumables etc will not be enforced so much during the early days, but they WILL be required for later content (P2 onwards). We may require a certain few specific things such as resistance potions during Phase 1.

Raid Times

19:30 - 22:30 GMT (20:30-23:30 game time) Tues & Thurs.



You can contact Vari at the Discord username: Vari#3568. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

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Vari Warrior 18/31/0 Orc