Pugging MCs and Onyxia until we get enough level 60 members. Message Rs in game. Raid and PVP focus moving forward. We have a website, discord and more.

Our plans are also PVP oriented with PVE close second. We plan to dominate large scale PVP battles in the open world field, secure zone/resources, dominate Guild vs Guild/Zerg vs Zerg battles, as well as, battlegrounds, raids and much more.

Official Guild Website: —— Discord:

Loot Policy

Primary System > Loot Countcil - Players who farmed pre-raid bis will be considered over fresh level 60s. Attendance will also be a factor. Secondary system if pugging > Round Robin - Meaning, once you get an item you rolled on, you may not roll on additional items, until all your fellow class members have recieved an item.

Raid Requirements

Pre-raid bis gear. ITs okay if you’re not full pre-raid bis.

Raid Times

MC > Every Tuesday @ 6PM Server. Onyxia Every Wednesday @ 6PM Server.



You can contact Rs at the Discord username: Bohica#3808. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Rs Rogue 20/31/0 Orc