Greetings travellers, The Classically Elites are recruiting and we want you! We are looking for amazing adventurers to join our raid team and if raiding isn’t your game, life enthusiasts to join our wild flock.

We’re a casual laid-back social guild looking for more members to start raiding soon, recruitments are not strict we mostly look for people around lvl 55-60, having some pieces of Pre-BIS is a plus but not a requirement.

Being active and engaged in the guild is of great value to us! Feel free to contact us In-game for more info! you can contact:

Psygeoff | Ninlin | Lilylilac | Meartie | Hrry

If none are online, please feel free to contact anyone online in the guild :wink:

Loot Policy

Using a Master Looter: Main Spec —-> Off Spec —-> Greed Rolls

Raid Requirements


Raid Times



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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Lilylilac Druid Resto Night Elf
ninlin Priest Holy Night Elf
Zunari Mage Frost Gnome