Second Edition (EU-MOGRAINE) is a newly formed guild with a core of solid, experienced players. We have a wide array of players from different countries across Europe, with English being the common language we use. We believe in having a roster of respectable, grown-up people with jobs and families, hence we will also respect your time and irl obligations.

Loot Policy

Different loot rules- we employ a loot distribution system called _wish list/loot council. This means YOU chose what loot you get yourself, by providing a 10 item wish list, filled with your choices. The loot council part means off-spec items and pvp gear and of course- tanks have priority, because we are hard set on being able to clear content in the future phases as well

Raid Requirements

Be there for the raids, preferably half an hour earlier. Be able to write and speak in English. Join our Discord for all raids. Do not spam and/or curse/flame people. Read all the rules beforehand, we’d like to avoid loot drama, caused by not knowing stuff.

Raid Times

we raid on Thursdays from 6.30 PM server time (CET) We do MC, followed by Onyxia. The rest of the week is free for now, but we are looking forward to more content being released.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Foodisgood Mage 15/0/36 Troll