About Us:

Digital Brotherhood is a community of friends who share the same passion for gaming, we are a multi-cultural community with players ranging from Sweden, Usa to the UK so anyone is welcome to join.

Our aim in World Of Warcraft Classic is to build a semi-hardcore raiding team so we can approach raids with a sense of direction and determination in addition to this we are looking to build a social guild where no matter what you enjoy in WoW you are welcome to play with us from being a casual player who only wants to quest and make gold to someone who wants to pvp and hardcore raid we will have a spot for you.


Depending on what role you want to play within our guild/community please refer to the sections below;

Raider - Becoming apart of our core raid team requires dedication and the ability to be able to join us on discord for raids and meetings to decide our next steps at the end of the day we do have a raid leader/officers but we like to envolve our guild into every decision we make.

Social Player - Any social player is able to join our guild this is perhaps the best place to start if you wish to raid and the team is full as being a social player gives you the ability to join raids if we are missing certain members and participate in guild activities overall just be part of our community you will not be treated any differently no matter what your rank is or what role you are within the guild.

If you wish to join our growing community please contact us via the information below:


Loot Policy

Masterloot depending on situation / item will be rolled with specifics or given to main specs first for example tank/healer priority

Raid Requirements

Ability to listen via discord

Raid Times

Undecided currently being voted over for the long term.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Aavak Warrior 11/4/36 Orc