[A] Progress: 10/10 Molten Core 1/1 Onyxia’s Lair Raid Schedule: Fri/Sat (Form @ 11:00 PM EST) 12:00AM to 4:00AM EST. We currently clear Molten Core in Under 2 hours and Saturday we will be replacing Molten Core with BWL (and moving MC to Friday with Ony). Loot Distribution: DKP - Open Bidding (MT Prio) About Us: Founded at the launch of classic with the primary goal of clearing all content up to and including Naxxramas, EZ is commited to cultivating a team of performance-minded individuals to enjoy all classic has to offer together. With experience ranging from current retail, Vanilla/BC as well as private servers, we are a guild that comes from all iterations of WoW. As we have our sights set on constantly improving on both individual and group levels, competetive mindset, mechanical ability, and a generally positive disposition, are all things that we look for in our members. If you feel that your goals align closely with ours and that you would be a valuable addition let us know! Requirements: Can commit to all raids with a minimum 4 hour time investment. Come with the required consumables and be prepared to take criticism and learn your class to the best of your abilities. Consumables: Be ready to bring consumables for progression (will provide a list for different tiers) For things we have on farm they are not required as much but definitely make the difference if DKP plus/minus comes into effect. World Buffs: Are not required but should raiders should shoot for them when you can as they make the difference for speed and parse. Current Needs: 2 Fury Warriors Contact: Hashmeer in game or join our discord server https://discord.gg/dmXy6k

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Raid Requirements

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Raid Times

Friday - Ony Saturday - MC

Forming at 11pm est (pull by midnight)


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Hashmeer Rogue 19/32/0 Human