5/10 mc 1/1 ony is looking for raiders to fill our our raid team. Adult guild with lots of fun and jokes, we help each other and progress through all end game. If your looking for a fun, helpful guild to raid with and become a family with while you get those purple loots then this is the place for you. Pst for more info! Contact Kronious, Drama, Raccoon, or Cogains for details.

Loot Policy

Roll on loot for time being, Some items priority depending on if it will improve tanks more so.

Raid Requirements

Discord, DBM, Weakauras

Raid Times

8:30pm EST Start to 11:30pm EST Wed, Thur, possibly Fri with Saturday’s 3:30pm EST ONY


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Kronious Priest 21/30/0 Troll