⛓️ Unshackled is recruiting! ⛓️

PvE | WPvP | Casual to Semi-Hardcore | Light-Med Roleplay | Nontoxic Environment | LGBTQ+ Friendly

Who we are

We’re originally a retail guild based, we’ve recently reformed and looking to hit classic hard. Tired of bad leadership, lack of activity, and toxic environments we banded together to form a strong community around common purposes.

This guild is 18yo+, we have a general memer/raunchy ‘niche’ sense of humor. Elitists and toxic individuals need not apply as this is a place to have fun and learn. Many folks have called us home for years, come join us!


We’ve been focusing on leveling and world PvP while our member level to max. We hope to build a strong fighting force against all enemies of the Horde. The majority of our members are +35 now with a handful of 60’s. RP events are planned, both in the context of PvP and just for fun. In a few weeks we will be recruiting much more focused on raiding. We’re rolling with the DKP open bidding system to bring on the full effect of nostalgic raiding.

Don’t be shy, come check us out! Someone is always around to take in recruits, whether it be an officer or myself! All you have to do is join the Discord, and break free of the chains that bind you.

Discord server:

Loot Policy

DKP Open Bid

Raid Requirements

To be determined.

Raid Times

Raid hasn’t started yet. Tentatively set for Weds. and Sat, 8:30pm.



You can contact Tuskboar at the Discord username: tuskboar#5354. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Tuskboar Hunter 26/0/0 Orc