Language: English Raid Schedule: Wednesday / Sunday 19.45-23.00 Server Time Loot System: EPGP Currently Looking For: (3) Warlock, (3)Hunter , (1)Resto Druid & (3)R.Shaman, (2) Rogue (1) Priest

Hello everyone, As Legacy we will continue our wow classic journey on Mograine PVP server. Our aim is to enjoy classic as a social softcore raiding guild.

★About Us ★

Founding members are experienced and elderly players who have been playing end game progress since WoW was released. We have members with realm first and also world firsts. Our aim is to relive the challenge, friendship, pleasant conversations and the stress free raiding from Vanilla.

Our main goal as Legacy who has cleared Naxx in vanilla is to re-experience those days; to achieve what we couldn’t back then and to re*do what we achieved with our friends

Most of our players are working people so our plan is to make raids 2 days a week (max 3). Our discord has a very active community where you can find others in LBRS, UBRS, Scholo, Strat and more. if you have the responsibility for raiding and also want to spend quality time, you are very welcome in our guild on Horde side of Mograine PvP server.

WHAT WE EXPECT A classic loving community where you can socialize, raiding for 2 days a week, a fair loot system Epgp

  • Possibility to raid for 2 days per week. -A fair loot system (EPGP).

WHAT WE NOT TO EXPECT -World first and Realm firsts -Billions of consumable farming duty -5+ days of progress raids a week

  • Headaches


  • People who constantly complain (drama queens, nitpickers)
  • Loot whores & Progress hungers -Guild reputation damagers

In game : you can contact Xururuca, Celeros, Peelivan , Marindaya


Loot Policy


Raid Requirements

Being online at exact time. Consumables

Raid Times

Wednesday,Sunday 19:45-23:00



You can contact Celeros at the Discord username: Celeros#5435. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Celeros Warrior 11/0/35 Tauren