About us

We did something right, 15 years ago. We created a community that was so successful, it’s still missed. Now, with the release of WoW Classic, many it’s members want to try to recreate it. It won’t be the same, but maybe similar. Maybe better. And we want to expand with new members to a comfortable size where we’re able to mount full size raids. New friends wanted!

Pull and Beer is formed for the release of World of Warcraft Classic. We are trying almost the same recipe as we did when WoW first launched, with a few tweaks.

What kind of guild we are

Pull and Beer is a social guild with a raiding problem.

We are friends that has grown together over the years. Some of us kept in touch and are now coming back to WoW Classic, aiming to find more like-minded people to to play with, grown-ups that happen to like computer games.

We mainly engage in PvE activity, though some of us do PvP too. We do instances together, we quest together and we help each other out. And we expect to raid, for the challenge, the social aspect, the fun and not progression alone. We might surprise ourselves and do well, but we’d rather fail gloriously than succeed miserably. We do not expect to clear all raid instances.

More info at our website.


There’s two:

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Really, don’t be a dick.

That’s it. Sure, we’d like you to come play with us, but sometimes we need to adult. There’s no obligations, contribute when you can and want to.


We want people that fit in with us, who will like us, our company and who will grow into new friends. To that end it is kind of essential that people who join are open and sharing. We can’t get to know each other if we don’t talk.

Other qualities that we think will help members fit in:

  • a sense of humour and self-irony.
  • a casual attitude to the game..
  • a willingness to share.
  • a helpful attitude.

We are always looking for people willing and able to take active part in the guild, who are willing to take on a little extra work to arrange events, maintain information or otherwise help coordinate and make things happen.

We don’t recruit characters, we recruit players.

Join our recruitment discord if you want to talk to one of our recruiters!

Loot Policy

Suicide Kings combined with Loot council for particular items.

Raid Requirements

No requirements. We’ll help with gear up and training.

Raid Times

Sunday evenings. Exact times TBD.



You can contact Roic at the Discord username: Roic#4003. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Roic Warrior Protection Orc