< No Expectations > This is a guild with a casual approach to the game but with a hardcore mentality when it comes to clearing content. Raids will be on Sundays 19:45 CET with plans of extending to two days as needed with phases.

Loot Council is the item distribution method of choice. Feel free to contact an officer for more information.

Who are we? We’re a guild that previously played on Warmane, Outland - TBC with great success. And we are now reforming for classic. We blasted through the tiers while having fun and that’s what we aim to do again. We focus hard on having a good experience both in raids and outside of them. The most important thing for us is having fun and doing so whilst clearing high level content.

We want everyone to have the possibility to maintain a social life but at the same time kill dragons and have a blast. Community is important for us and that’s why we try to be as active in game as possible but as well as bringing the community outside of the game through Discord. Come for the dragon slaying and stay for the community.

What are we looking for? Mainly recruiting Priests and Mages as top priority but every outstanding player is considered. Vanilla experience doesn’t matter but is always a plus. Even if we go by < No Expectations > that doesn’t mean we don’t have certain requirements! Dedication and loyalty are what we thrive on, bring your best performance and your best attitude. We’re looking for people who can show up to 90% of the raids as consistency and a great attitude from raiders is all we ask for.

Contact: If you have any questions or remarks don’t be afraid of contacting us in-game or on discord

Loot Policy

Loot council

Raid Requirements

Consumes, fight knowledge, gear enchanted and kept up to date

Raid Times

Raids will be on Sundays 19:45 CET with plans of extending to two days as needed with phases.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Jaybird Warrior 17/3/31 Orc