Hello All!

Dragon Keeper is a new Alliance guild on Azuresong looking for more players to grow our ranks. We consider ourselves to be a casual and social guild. Meaning we love to help people, quest with each other, run instances together, and eventually will work ourselves into a casual raid schedule should we have the means, meaning we need 40 dedicated people who can commit to the raid schedule that will be put in place. Raiding will also be optional, but should you sign up we expect you to be there. Raiding is not our main focus, we also enjoy other aspects of the game and we don’t mind helping other. Right now we need more players to grow our ranks!

We are looking for friendly and helpful people who enjoy a casual setting. We are pretty laid back and just looking to enjoy the game with like minded people. Rather you are new to WoW or a veteran at it, all are welcome! And yes we do have a discord for those interested in voice chat. If we sound like a guild you would like to try out please contact Prix, Timir, Hogwood, Alaij, Drexlee, or Orikai in game! All classes and levels are welcome.

Thanks for the consideration!

Loot Policy

Instances, follow roll options Need if you need it otherwise greed or pass. Raid: Raid Leader will have loot controls and rolls will be performed for anything above green by classes who can use the item and sent to the winner.

Raid Requirements

Max lvl, at least some gear from end game instances. If you say you will be at the raid show up on time and plan to be there the entire length of the raid. Access to voice chat (we have discord). Raiding will be optional but we will follow a schedule and if you commit we expect you to be there and do your part. We don’t mind teaching the fight, but you have to put the work and time so that we can make it a successful raid.

Raid Times

Undecided currently. We need to get a solid 40 people first and find a time/day that will work for the majority of people.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Prix Priest Holy/Discipline Human