Were a core group of raiders up to sunwell during original release, and most of us spent considerable time on private servers. Active, friendly, and willing to assist in people learning thier roles and maximising their raid contribution.

Loot Policy

During progression, we will be using a loot council to help us struggle through progression. Once content is on farm, a roll system will be used.

Raid Requirements

Pay attention is all we ask, we are flexible on specs, itemization, and race choice, but our time is valuable, unannounced afks, ass pulls and other nonsense will not be tolerated.

Raid Times

As a casual guid, full of members with families and demanding careers, farming raid mats will be difficult, we will run once after reset on wednesday, then again on monday before reset. Giving us time to recoup on raid mats.

Mon+Wed 8-1130


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Reo Warrior 31/0/20 Human