< Contempt > Horde | NA - PvP | Semi - Hardcore

Introduction < Contempt > is actively recruiting serious players looking to clear all the content Vanilla WoW has to offer. Formerly < Ascendance >, a day one Alliance guild on the Uther server that cleared all Vanilla content, including Naxx prior to the release of The Burning Crusade expansion. A feat less than 200 guilds accomplished worldwide. Our officer core includes members from Vanilla, TBC, & WOTLK era of Ascendance which brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.

Schedule Progression raiding will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7-10PM PST. Days will be reduced once content is on farm.  Alternate raid days as well as PvP are still TBD. 

Expectations Players will be expected to level and gear at a fast pace, with the first raid planned four weeks after launch. Players must play an appropriate spec for the current content and will be expected to bring their own consumables. Players will be required to farm pre-raid BiS gear, we will supply lists and organize groups for efficient runs.

We will also be accepting people interested in raiding on our second raid team that don’t have the time initially to invest in being ready for raid in four weeks. Although PvP will not be our main focus, it is something we’re going to be organizing and actively participating in. 

Misc Tanking applicants with a DPS secondary spec is preferred. All applicants are expected to be able to competently play ALL specs of their class, this is doubly so for tanking and healing classes.

For further information regarding current roster needs please visit: Our website:  Our Discord:

You may also pm me or any RO directly with any questions. Discord: Dordric#1954, Everground#7735, Mayhem#1639, Integrity#6916


Loot Policy


Raid Requirements

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-10PM PST



You can contact Obey at the Discord username: Dordric#1954. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Obey Warrior 12/5/34 Orc