Dark Omen is made up of many the older generation , those with families and children and the ‘’family life’’ to deal with. We put family first before the game. This said we will take our raids seriously as we want to progress! raids will happen 2-3 times a week. Most have played vanilla too! We re quire all members to have and use discord especially for raids. Raiders are expected to turn up to raids fully prepared for the raid and stay for the duration of the raid (3 hours from raid start) raid days and times to be confirmed. Raiders are to be at the raid instance before raid start. We are prepared to help new players be the best they can be so new and old players welcome. discord = log in and have a chat with us! Guild leaders are Aeon , Xzanobia . Officer is Korram. we look forward to eharing from you! =)

Loot Policy

loot will be given by the loot master (raid leader) it will go to a main character over an alt (we don’t usually raid with alts). loot will be given to those who need and to which the loot is suitable and designed for (so spec and class) if we ever bring dkp back into the raid the guild will be notified with warning before hand and full information will be given before hand so all know what is what.

Raid Requirements

to be fully prepared , so spec / gear / potions / regents / fully repaired with enough food and water to last the raid! . you are to be on discord and at the raid instance before raid start. we do not summon.

Raid Times

raid times to be confirmed but are looking to be 8-9 gmt onwards for a duration of 3 hours.


Dark Omen
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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Dark Omen Priest 21/30/0 Troll