Mothership is a friendly tight-knit family looking to only be expanded in order to have in-house only raids. We are pretty casual; however, we do intend to start raiding within the next few weeks. Casual-hardcore would be a better term; Having fun with the guild while still progressing through the game at a decent pace.

Feel free to inquire by contacting in-game:

Thatpriest, Littlelogan, Castz

Discord: IdentityGlitch#5736 LL Smooth #9732

Loot Policy

Loot reservation/class roll:

Keeping the guild pretty tight-knit and small with very little to none pug’s if possible. We believe in rewarding members for being on time and performing during the raids. Not necessarily a loot council; however, it will be prioritized to the members that show up more frequently. The items the members want are put on a list before entering the raid, if it drops, you roll accordingly for your intended class. eg: hunter belt drops, 6 hunters attended, all 6 roll for the item only. If it benefits more than one class, it’ll depend on the the need of the raid. The system will be tweaked if needed to have an equal opportunity for everyone

Raid Requirements


Raid Times




You can contact Littlelogan at the Discord username: LL Smooth#9732. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Littlelogan Paladin 31/15/5 Dwarf