/ PST/EST – PVE/PVP / Horde Rewind is a Semi – Hardcore Horde PVX Guild on Whitemane. Focused on building a solid roster for the upcoming Phases for both PvE and PvP. MC / Ony / Alliance currently on farm. Guild Culture: * Willingness to accept criticism and the ability to play your class to its maximum potential. * Thick skin as you will be called out if you make a mistake and benched if its repeated. * Progression focus at all times. Whether this is downing the content for the first time or setting a new raid record. Guild Information: * Mixed EPGP / Loot Council system. * Raid days are Tuesday, Thursday and Monday, Wednesday based upon which raid group you are assigned. * 6PM – 9 PM PST Raid times. Extensions possible for new content. Recruitment Information: * 1st Raid Team - Clearing MC in one day on Tuesdays and Ony on Reset– Pushing for speed clears. Looking to trial more Warriors, Rogues, and Priests. Exceptional players of all classes are welcome. * 2nd Raid team – Starting up this Wednesday. Raids will be Wednesday and Mondays until one day clear is established. Looking for a few more of everything, no need to be shy ask about the details. Priority to one more tank and a few more priests / shamans. * Members will be moved between raid groups as needs arise and progression requires. Druids: Closed Hunter: Low Mage: Closed Priest (Healing): High Priest (DPS): Very Low Rogue: Medium Shaman (Healing): High Warlock: Medium Warrior (Tank): High Warrior (DPS): Medium For Further Information Contact us @ Discord: Frav#8299, Brychu#4405, kamran#1299. OR

Loot Policy

EP-GP + Loot council

Raid Requirements

Planning for server firsts during BWL and beyond.

Raid Times

Raid Group 1 Tuesday and Thursday - 2 - 3 hour clears of MC and Ony every reset. Raid group 2 Wednesday and Monday.

6 - 9 PST or 9 - 12 EST.



You can contact Frav at the Discord username: Frav#8299. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Frav Warrior 20/31/0 Orc