PVE and World-PVP Raiding schedule:Most of our raiders have full-time jobs so we are only looking to raid twice a week. Wed + Sun 20:00-23:00 GMT but TBD closer to raiding About us: We are a PVE guild which formed in MoP with players dating back to TBC. We are a highly sociable guild but like to take it seriously when it comes to boss fights. The great thing about our guild is everyone comes back to play. What I mean by that is if a new expansion or exciting patch comes out, all someone has to do is post on our FB group and we all come back straight away. Whether you’re an awkward anduin or social butterfly, we welcome everyone and make them feel part of our family. We are looking to enjoy the Classic experience, level at our own pace and eventually get round to endgame raiding content. No matter what experience, casual or semi-hardcore, we are looking to integrate everyone into the guild and help everyone because that’s the Classic experience we want. What we are aiming for: An active guild for levelling and doing dungeons with. As well as supporting each other in world pvp when that nasty alliance rogue ganks you for the 10th time. Eventually get round to clearing all endgame raiding content at an efficient but enjoyable pace. What we are looking for: Players of all different schedules, backgrounds and experiences. But most importantly trying to meet friendly people that we can keep in contact with for the rest of our lives because that’s why we play WoW. We are currently recruiting everyone! If you have any questions please add my tag: HGK#2239

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