Vanilla is an experienced group of players, but a lot of us don’t have the time to be super hardcore. We plan on starting raids the week of October 13th. We are very friendly, and are working on filling our first raid roster. Currently accepting all classes. We are a little heavy on healers.

We were one of the first guilds on the server with over 350 characters. Even after doing a couple purges of inactive characters, we are still one of the biggest on the server. Even though we are so big, it feels like a very close-knit community! Once our first raid group is set in stone, we will explore the potential of creating a second raid group, for the people who are a little more casual and for those of us focusing on PVP. Feel free to join our discord and introduce yourself!

Scarab lord is a maybe. That will need to be discussed when the phase gets closer.

Loot Policy

EP/GP+Loot Council

Raid Requirements

Just show up. Attendance cannot be stressed enough with the EPGP system. Attendance will be taken three times per raid night, even if you are not in the raid group. This is in case people need to be replaced or have emergencies. We want to have players on deck to fill fast.

Pre-raid BiS isn’t req, but is always a plus.

Raid Times

Doing a guild member survey at the moment on our discord to determine best times. Currently leaning weekday evenings server time.



You can contact Greft at the Discord username: biggreft#4582. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Greft Priest 5/0/31 Dwarf