Hard Casual is a newly formed, semi-casual, leveling guild with a PvE focus, but some plans for WPvP and Premades as well. Designed with the parents, students, and full-time employees who cant manage the requirements for hardcore raid progession in mind.

We’re still trying to fill out the core of the guild, so we are currently recruiting all roles & all skill levels. I need people who are willing to be class leaders, help recruitment, lead PvP and raid groups, and are generally open-minded, mature people, willing to create a helpful, close-knit community.

If you’re interested drop by the discord(, add my battletag(cactusplantj#1813), or whisper me in-game(Veternum).

Loot Policy

Likely EPGP

Raid Requirements

Must have discord

Raid Times

Tue/Wed/Thurs 10PM EST


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Veternum Rogue Combat Daggers Undead