We are a friendly active guild community which at its core was made to help and aid in finding groups assisting in quests and profession progression. We looking for friendly, committed and active players to join us in our crusades. If you are a well rounded individual with good people skills and a desire to progress through the ranks. Look no further, you are home!

Loot Policy

Dungeons: need and greed

Raids: DKP point system earned by participating and properly attending raids.

Raid Requirements

Show up on time and ready with appropriate gear. Remain positive a positive member of the group and be a team player. Ensure if you are attending you have set time aside to complete the raid.

Raid Times

Currently non planned however raid times will take place from 6pm to 12pm gmt depending on raiders avalibility


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Redhammer Paladin 20/00/40 Human