As a guild we are trying to promote a MidCore raiding environment. To us MidCore means maximum effort with a minimum amount of time. When we are there to raid, we are there to raid. Our leadership has been in everything from hardcore top 25 guilds to one night a week 10man normal casual fun raiding. We all have jobs, university, family, etc. so we are by no means trying to be a server first hardcore style guild

Loot Policy

Sum-Zero DKP, The distribution of tier gear will be handled by each classes officer. DKP will be earned by attendance, boss kills, and resource contribution.

Raid Requirements

Very loose requirements since we are mostly a casual guild. The main thing we ask for is attendance if you sign up.

Raid Times

Sunday and Monday, 5-8pm Server time(PST)


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Gladribbits Warrior 31/20/0 Orc