We are a new guild on Sulfuras composed of experienced players from Firetree and Zul’jin servers on retail. We primarily consist of former mythic raiders and high rated pvpers, but we are accepting anyone who wants to join currently. If you’re looking for a social guild that is always helping each other out to complete quests, run dungeons or even just hang out and chill, we’re the guild for you.

Dungeons We are always running dungeons to gear up players and often go back to help lower level members gear up and help them complete quests. We’ve always got people who are down to help with various dungeons at most level ranges.

Raiding We are planning on running at least one weekend raid group and will likely be running in the evening. If we are able to get enough people there may be multiple groups in the future. We will likely just do MS/OS rolling for gear and will take just about anyone. Don’t worry if you’re new, we’ll show you what to do if you’re willing to learn. We’ll get through all of the content, even if we have to drag people kicking and screaming through it. And yes I do mean ALL. We have some pretty simple expectations: • Show up willing to learn any encounter. They are not hard, just listen to what we tell you, do what we tell you, and the bosses will die. • Make sure you’re attuned. If you need help, we will help you, but make sure you get it done. • If you’re going to need resist gear, make sure you show up with it and be prepared to use it. • Depending on your class you will likely be expected to play multiple roles. If you’re a dps warrior, you better bring a shield. • Most items are MS/OS roll to keep it simple and fair. Some items are reserved for certain players already. Some items are prioritized for certain roles. Do not complain about loot, or you won’t get any. • Show up to raids with consumables. Flasks aren’t necessary right now obviously but make sure you bring bandages, potions and buff food. • If you’re not sure how something works, ASK. We have no problems showing people the ropes, but nobody wants to wipe because someone was too afraid to speak up. • No drama. We’re pretty relaxed and just want to have a good time and get loot so we can camp horde with it and make them cry. It’s just a game so leave the drama at the door.

PvP A lot of us are experienced, high rated arena/RBG players who have been playing since vanilla. We plan on doing a lot of world pvp especially in phase 2. If you want to group up and hunt down horde, wreck their cities and camp flight paths then we’ll welcome you with open arms. I am also planning on hosting some pvp events in the future for anyone interested. Social & Leveling We are completely welcome to bringing in social and friend rank players. Classic is all about the social experience and we will take anyone who just wants to hang out and have a good time – you don’t need to be a raider or a pvper. If you just want a relaxed guild to hang out and chat, then come join us, our discord is active at most times – day or night.

If interested, whisper Uoyredrum, Bepis or any other guild member in-game.

Loot Policy

MS/OS, specific item reservations

Raid Requirements

Bring proper consumables & resist gear, be willing and able to play other roles/specs when needed.

Raid Times

Saturday 8-11 PM Server, Sunday at same time when more content is released.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Uoyredrum Warrior 31/20/0 Human