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Who are we? Quest Failed is a newly formed safe haven for skilled players who want to play Classic WoW with like minded people. We are a PvP oriented hardcore guild, and our roster is filled with experienced gladiators and other high status PvP players. We aim to be the best Alliance PvP guild on our server, that the Horde players learn to fear, and the Alliance players consider prestigious to be a part of. We’re also going to raid twice a week, and farm mats.

What do we offer? PvP events and premades every night Highly experienced guild friends Hosting Duelling Tournaments Raid nights for weekly clears World Boss Contesting Farming Nights

Who are we looking for? Players that have experience in PvP no matter the expansion. We are looking for players that want to dedicate themselves to a community and become high status PvPers. Experience in classic is not essential as long as you show dedication your officers will guide you. We are also recruiting players to fill in our premade rosters for battlegrounds, to compete at the highest level possible. To guarantee your spot in one of the main groups, you’re going to need to be dedicated and friendly, be able to take criticism, strive for perfection, and most of all prove yourself as a skilled player.

To apply for Quest Failed please fill in our guild application so we can get to know you a little.

Currently recruiting:

Warrior Paladin Rogue Hunter Mage Warlock Priest

Join our discord for more information or come and see what we’re all about.

Loot Policy

Suicide King’s DKP

Raid Requirements

Raid times are decided from data received from our Guild Application.



You can contact Paranoixc at the Discord username: Paranoxic#1038. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Paranoixc Paladin N/a Dwarf