The Earthwalker Tribe, founded by Haton and Theholycow. Our mission is to travel the lands of Azeroth and further both the hordes and the tribes goals while fighting the Alliance dogs the whole way. If you like the idea of a wandering tribe of outcasts, ruffians and nerds, then The Earthwalker Tribe is the place for you!

Need more information? Whisper Haton or Theholycow ingame on the Zandalar Tribe (EU) RP-PvP Server. Or you can contact me on discord with the tag Mylittlegranny#8544

Loot Policy

Loot policy will be determained at a later point, for now it is N/G.

Raid Requirements

Nothing yet.

Raid Times

We are not at a raiding standpoint yet.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Theholycow Druid 14/32/5 Tauren