Guild Application Application Link: https://airtable.com/shrgHtlgMdMgfwHoq

Guild Background PvP was founded by a group of long-term friends for Classic WoW. We were so excited with the announcement and launch of Classic that we decided to form a guild to pull in like-minded players who want the same thing: PvP. We want to be a known force throughout the server, a great ally to other guilds who can call upon us for open world battles, or organized battlegrounds. The goal is to get horde players to start hearthing when they see members show up on the battlefield.

We are greatly looking forward to the open world PvP in Phase 2 of Classic. In the meantime, we understand that we have to be ahead of the curve with our gear and progression. So we will have a raiding team. The current raid times are: TBA

Guild Goals ● Raid consistently through Phase 1 ● Have the mindset, talents, group compositions, and gear ready for Phase 2 ● Continue with raid progression throughout the expansion ● Continue with PvP progression throughout the expansion ● Grow the guild

Guild Registry ● This link includes all of our guild members, raid teams, grand marshall teams Guild Registry Link https://airtable.com/shrW9M6RmFJLelgpI

Loot Policy

PvE Loot Rules • Guild raid loot will be handled in a Loot Council fashion

Raid Requirements

Requirements • Like PvP • Friendly & Respectful to Alliance players

Raid Times

Raid Schedule TBA(Currently unsure until we grow our roster)



You can contact Mauradin at the Discord username: Mauradin#7624. Don't forget to mention you found them at ClassicRaids.com!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Mauradin Warrior Prot Dwarf