Ruin is looking for new members and core raiders for its main roster set on experiencing classic to its fullest. Currently we stand at over 60 members, but we need more dedicated raiders whom are able to attend raids. We intend to play Vanilla with steady PvE raid progression in mind, aiming to enter and clear every raid, including Naxxramas. All hardcore and casual players have a place at Ruin; we understand how busy it can be IRL! We want to foster an active community with an open voice chat that exudes positivity and more importantly, fun! For those that also want to PvP regularly, there will also be opportunities to PvP/WPvP regularly with events and pre-mades.

Ruin is an Alliance raid progression focused guild, playing on the Mograine (PvP-Europe) server. We started as a small group who played project 60 (Post Classic announcment) on retail together, collaborating to form a raiding guild on Classic WoW. We have players with a variety of experience, including Vanilla and Private server players but also players who are entirely new to World Of Warcraft.

What we provide… -A community that cultivates learning, old and new players are here to play and experience classic -Loot council, fair and appropriate gear distribution based on performance, dedication and guild needs -Experienced players and officers with the patience and capacity to handle discrepancies -A committed and helpful community that’s always willing to help out

What’s most important is that you’re… -Mature and patient -Able to enjoy plenty of banter and laughs -Ability to speak/understand English at a basic level -Willingness to participate in guild chat and events where possible -Willing to learn, complete beginners are welcome too!

Loot Policy

Ruin uses a Loot Council system. The council consists of 3 Officers and the Guild Master. The council will hand out loot to deserving players. Attendance and Rank will be the main determinator for designating gear handouts, but also good, selfless behaviour and contributions to the guild will factor in. In the early phases of Classic, Healers and Tanks (Who are most active) will be prioritised.

To obtain a piece of loot you will wait for the Masterlooter to link the item in raid chat. When you see the Masterlooter linking the item you want, you will link the item you are replacing with the newly dropped item and wait for the loot council’s decision.

All members (including Officers and the Guild Master) have the same status when it comes to receiving loot. Council votes are based on a number of things, like: the activity and performance of the players rolling along with keeping track of previous items that the certain player won so loot distribution is kept fair.

The officers may restrict an item to 1 or more classes, specs or players. This will be announced before the voting starts. The officers may give an item to a specific player if this benefits the guild greatly. Sometimes loot will be rollable by selected raiders. This will be announced by the Masterlooter. If no one wants an item, the officers will decide what happens to it.

Raiders will be capped at maximum 3 items per raid as a Tank/Healer and 2 as a DPS.

Raid Requirements

Level 60, time, standard consumables and a willingness to learn.

Raid Times

Raid days are Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. 18:00 - 23:00 (UK) // 19:00 - 00:00 (EU)



You can contact Hogfather at the Discord username: The_Hog_Father#2565. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Hogfather Paladin 11/21/19 Human