[A] Herod NA(PvP) Two raid times Thu/Fri 8-10 EST Raid Team 1 Sat/Sun 6-8 EST Raid Team 2 LFM players lv 15+ to join our raiding community. We offer an active Discord. Guild Tabard,Experienced and helpful players, We are focused on progression raiding for the entirety of classic Mc-Naxx. Recruitng all classes join our discord to apply for membership. Our goals is to be raiding at the end of September!!! We have a dedicated core group of Veteran and new players alike We are a community first and then a raiding guild. We are Mythic Raiders in retail so we will progress! But we also are here to help support our members and encourage kinship! Classes we are Openly recruiting but will consider all applicants Warrior: Tanks Priest: Healers (very High Need) Druid-Healer You don't need to want to raid to join our guild regardless we are a very active social community that just happens to clear hard content. If you're interested please drop an application at the Discord link provided. If people are in a voice channel feel free to hop in and join us. Our officers would be happy to answer all of your pertinent questions or just shoot the crap See you in Azertoth

Loot Policy

Loot Council

  • The loot council will Discuss who should get the item and why. The players time in guild Their place in the guild, for example the main tank over an off tank The improvement over their current gear How often they attend raids compared to the others interested How many drops they have gotten recently Their other contributions to the guild What is best for the guild Main characters get preference over alts

Raid Requirements

80%+ attendance in raids! Pre-Raid BiS to an an extent at least for initial MC and BWL progression Consumables will be required!!!! i.e Fire resist elixirs etc

Raid Times

Thursday/Friday 8-10pm EST


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Darkchad Warlock SM Ruin Human