Blackrock Candy Co. is a mostly casual, semi hard-core raiding guild focused on clearing raid content as efficiently as possible while maintaining a fun raiding atmosphere. We aspire to build an extraordinary, camaraderie based community that mutually respects our members not just as gamers, but as people. We want the player, not the class. However, if you want world firsts or to be the top everything, everywhere, at all times, this is probably not the guild for you. That having been said, we expect to progress through content quickly.


Loot Policy

Loot System We use a modified DKP system. DKP is a semi-formal score-keeping system (loot system) used by guilds in massively multiplayer online games. This is covered in the charter and can be better explained in voice if needed.


Raid Requirements

Schedule Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-10pm Pacific Standard Time

Come prepared. Show up early to a raid night with consumables. Know your rotation, curses, buffs etc. We are looking for eager, active, skilled, friendly players that possess a sense of humor, the ability to not be offended easily, and want to help us grow into a fun, camaraderie based community. New and veteran players alike are welcome to apply.




You can contact Blackrockcandyco at the Discord username: sinyou#9983. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Blackrockcandyco Warrior Dps/Tank Orc