We’re a large, multi-game community. We’re mature oriented (we’re not prudes, but we leave things like swearing, drama, politics, religion at the door). We’re looking to grow a healthy, positive group who can have fun leveling, running dungeons, PVP groups (when that starts up) and raids - all while socializing among friends. Our community has over 2000 member worldwide, and members are welcome to join any of the other games we offer and support. as well. If interested, send me an email, or message on Discord.

Loot Policy

fair distribution based on need.

Raid Requirements

not determined as yet.

Raid Times

not determined as yet.



You can contact Panzerfaust at the Discord username: Robotzh8teme#2301. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Panzerfaust Warrior unknown Tauren