[Horde] [Casual/Semi-hardcore] on Fairbanks currently recruiting! Raid Times: We will be pulling at 9:30pm pacific time Wednesday/Thursday and finishing at 12am We will be using Loot Council with class officers having the final say and deciding what will help improve the raid as a whole. About Us: This is a group that originally started on Dethecus, most of us have played together at some point in time during Vanilla and have kept in touch. This is a guild that does not require every single member to be part of the raid, if you want to come on for casual playing with friends, that's cool too. We are only just starting to recruit, but our core starting group has experience raiding MC/AQ40/ZG/BWL and our MT/raid leader has experience running a guild and raid that did all vanilla content including naxx40 (other expacs too). Raid Expectations: We are all adults here. We are not 100% tryhards. If you are somewhat bad or mess up, whatever, that's something we can work on. But, if you're always 30 min late to raid or flake out and don't show up, then that's where we run into problems. We expect people should have the right spec, the right gear, and generally know the strat and somewhat know how to play their class. There's that fine line between "play whatever you want" and mediocrity, we do not want catch an enhancement spec shaman healing during a raid. What we are currently looking for... As of 08/24/2019....We are looking for a warrior OT. But don't be discouraged! People could still flake out on me since the game isn't out yet and no one is lvl 60, and if you are someone that doesn't mind being a backup, we are always looking! Everyone is still welcomed to join our guild, raids are not mandatory to join our guild! If you are interested, or have more questions, or want to join and get a discord invite, then please message me at... Discord = zliljr#6919 = zLiljr#1651

Loot Policy

Loot council

Raid Requirements

We just want people to show up on time. We are fairly casual, but expect people to show up ready with the right gear, spec, consumables, etc.

Raid Times

Raids will begin to pull trash on wed/thurs 9:30pm-12am PST



You can contact Liljr at the Discord username: zliljr#6919. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Name Class Spec Race
Liljr Hunter 69/69/69 Troll