Scialytic prioritizes its experience on each member getting the most they can out of it. There will be no loot council. No Elitism. We are for the people as a whole. Also, we will not be min maxing our composition and are open to having different specs such as boomkins or ret paladins. We are WoW veterans and we will clear all of the content in a well-paced manor without having to worry about having an “optimal” composition. The game is about having fun and if you’re a rogue and want to not be combat spec, you can be. It will not hinder our overall progression. What matters is competent leaders and players and this guild will live up that!

Please visit our website at to read a full letter about our guild and apply today!

Discord Contact: Alvin#8446 / Jtgam#8068

Loot Policy

DKP - No loot council / Lead by the members and class leadership on certain items such as Hunter/Priest quest items in MC

Raid Requirements

Currently accepting all specs and classes. We allow for uncommon specs such as Boomkins or Ret paladins for our roster. We are WoW veterans and know from experience that they will not hinder our progression through content. It all comes down to leadership and competency in our mechanics.

There will be an age restriction for needing to be 21 years or older in this guild. If you resonate with our guild and our philosophy and might be younger than our policy and wish to speak to myself or an officer directly about it, we will not shut you away and will hear you out.

Raid times TBD by the roster


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Alvin Warrior 8/5/38 Night Elf
Aleky Hunter 20/31/0 Night Elf
Aurillion Paladin 11/9/31 Human
Mamzy Mage 17/0/34 Human
Jtgam Druid 5/0/46 Night Elf
Deuce Priest 21/30/0 Dwarf
February Priest 13/0/38 Night Elf
Lamprey Rogue 15/31/5 Human
Leayha Druid 5/0/46 Night Elf
Camreddish Rogue 15/31/5 Dwarf
Zaria Hunter 20/31/0 Night Elf
Giantginer Mage 17/0/34 Human
Aesop Warlock 30/21/0 Gnome
Fluiddruid Druid 5/0/46 Night Elf
Marcus Warrior 11/4/36 Human
Tolus Paladin 11/31/9 Human
Manlypecs Warrior 17/34/0 Human