Hourglass is a Horde (PvE) raiding focused guild founded by a few friends who have been playing and raiding together for quite some time; as well as to having multiple class and vanilla raiding experience. We are looking for other like-minded individuals looking to progress at a steady pace going forward for Classic raiding. However, we consider ourselves to be a hardcore raiding guild environment and raid team members will be treated as such.

Currently recruiting the following roles as of August 23

  • Warrior DPS
  • Mage
  • Druid Heals
  • Shaman Heals
  • Shaman DPS
  • Priest Heals
  • Hunter

Contact Info

Please feel free to contact anyone listed below to discuss joining the guild. An interview will more than likely occur. We do not do applications.

  1. Bnet: MakkachinSox#1572 or Discord: MakkachinSox#1438 (Guild Master, Ranged DPS leader, Raid Assist/Recruiter)
  2. Bnet: Synergy#1765 or Discord: Synergy#2154 (Guild Master, Lead Main Tank, Lead Raid Lead/Lead Raid Recruiter)

Loot Policy

Loot Council

Loot council fits the needs of the guild the best. The ideal environment is to distribute loot as fairly as possible, with emphasis on gearing tanks and healers early on through progression. However, this does not mean that DPS will not be considered for gear early on. Many factors will be taken into consideration such as: loot drops, attendance, being prepared, showing up on time, staying for the duration of the raid, helping your peers, etc. In order to keep loot council as fair as possible, guild masters will be limited on legendary drops and during every raid, a random raid team member will be picked to be apart of the loot council for fair and even distribution.

Raid Requirements

  • All raiders are to be leveled, attuned, and geared by the first month of the raid. Roughly September 23rd Date subject to change depending on needs of the guild.
  • Coming prepared with all raid mats needed for a raid duration.
  • Class Knowledge: Knowing the ins and outs of your class and being able to play optimally, with little mistakes.
  • Maintain at least a 75% attendance rate.
  • Be respectful and courteous to your fellow raiders and be able to take constructive criticism well.
  • Giving ample notice if you are going to be late to a raid or leave early by posting in our discord server tab.
  • Leveling first aid, as well as any other professions, needed to optimally play your class at an efficient level. Although we don’t require engineering as a main profession for our raiders, all raider professions are to be leveled up to benefit the guild in the best way possible. example: using herbalism to help your fellow guild alchemists.
  • We require all raiders to have a working headset and to be able to effectively communicate during raid times.

Raid Times

Saturday 9pm EST – 1am EST (6pm PST - 10pm PST) & Sunday 9pm EST – 1am EST (6pm PST - 10pm PST)

We figured a 2-day, 8-hour total raiding schedule fits the needs of the guild best; therefor, these times and days are a set schedule and will not be changing. They were made to accommodate working class players that have more active lives during the week. During raid times, we will take 15-minute breaks through-out the raid.



You can contact Clip at the Discord username: Ritz#6088. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Clip Hunter 12/31/8 Orc