was formed by a family of friends with collective years of experience playing Vanilla World of Warcraft. Over that time we’ve progressed through all raid content, culminating in full one-day clears of Naxxramas on a consistent weekly basis. Though our raiding track record was a success, in much part we attribute our overall longevity to cultivating a relaxed and comfortable raiding environment that emphasized continual individual/group improvement while also allowing for the occasional boozy shenanigans, and not to mention generous use of music bots (shout out Fredboat!). This type of atmosphere is something that we very much hope to re-create in Classic.

Our aim is to create a welcoming and fun guild environment, while also clearing Vanilla raiding content at a pace that allows us to farm current content before the release of the next raid tier. We expect to begin raiding in in October, depending on when we can field an effective/balanced roster of players with sufficient pre-bis and consumables. Ultimately we want to beat the game again in the manner that we’ve established: with smooth, efficient, organized performance; with a positive and encouraging attitude; and with a memorable degree of fun.

Loot Policy

Loot will be distributed via a hybrid system that incorporates elements of DKP and Loot Council by designating certain items as “big ticket” and thus deserving of loot council deliberation, with the remainder of the items being subject to a private-bidder DKP system. Legendaries and patterns will also be awarded through loot council decision.

Raid Requirements

As a member of you will be expected to represent us as you would any group of high-functioning alcoholics. That means being an active member of the guild community and of the server as a whole, with an emphasis on treating others with respect and keeping a mature attitude while also having fun. In our raids, expect that you will be held to a standard that requires coming to raids prepared with necessary consumables and enchants, as well as at least a basic understanding of your class/role responsibilities. Knowledge of specific raid content is not required; willingness to learn and adapt is. Alcoholic beverages are not mandatory, but are absolutely encouraged.

Raid Times

TBD, most likely Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 EST, third night to be added as needed for progression



You can contact Lunakittay at the Discord username: Kittay#0001. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

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Lunakittay Mage 31/0/20 Human