Hi Thanatu here, GM for up and coming Classic guild “The Hearth” on Thalnos. Maybe you’ve seen me running around WoW Classic Beta with the big boys or seen me on Stormreaver / Magtheridon / Kul Tiras over the years but finally classic is upon us.

Forming a new guild with a primary focus on completing end game content when current, seeing some healthy guild activity in PvP throughout the weekend, and overall create a place where enduring friendships may form.

I myself have played since beta 2004, I have had an active sub for almost the entirety of the games life span, seeing nearly all the content there was to offer in some fashion throughout the years with my biggest gap being Naxxramas at 60, I only saw a few bosses at my young age. Live game has turned me off as as of late so I have backed out of Revive my current guild with my eyes set on making something great in classic.

Recruitment for us will be a blanket to start with focus on leveling, but shortly after the people who are committed begin to separate themselves raid spots will form. Currently looking at a raiding schedule of 8-12am Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday EST. This could vary depending on content and preference of raiders as time progresses. There will be a serious approach to raiding but this guilds focus is on having a good time while completing entire game not min maxing to the point of exhaustion. I want Kelthazad dead, I don’t want you to have to spend 10 hours a week grinding mats for a pot that’ll fall off on wipe.

TLDR : Inclusive Horde PvP end game focused guild set on having fun not pushing body to limits.

Permanent discord link here : https:// Recruitment for raiding form here (not required we need people for all kinds of things) : https://

Thanks and hope to hear from everyone soon !

Loot Policy

Loot Council

Raid Requirements

Solid understanding of class w/adequate amount of time put into getting raid pots/flask , BiS, and good work put in with guild.

Raid Times

8-12am EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday



You can contact Thanatu at the Discord username: Thanatu#7399. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Thanatu Warlock 30/0/21 Orc