[H] is searching for more players interested in forming a PvE Progression environment on the confirmed RP server Bloodsail Buccaneers. We need everything from Officers, Class Leads, Main Raiders. This guild is also open to casual players who would like to focus on the RP aspect of the game but still step/substitute in whenever they’d like to experience the content.

Main Raiders will follow the main progression curve and enter the new raids with us as Blizzard releases new phases while casual players would still have an opportunity to step in a few weeks later when everything has turned into farm so that they can experience the content.

Current Raid Schedule (All times are EST): Tuesday 9PM-12AM Wednesday 9PM-12AM Thursday 9PM-12AM

Class Requirements: Druid(DPS): MEDIUM Druid(Healer): HIGH Hunter: MEDIUM Mage: HIGH Priest: HIGH Rogue: MEDIUM Shaman: MEDIUM Warlock: MEDIUM Warrior: MEDIUM

Premade BG and World PvP groups will be an option for those who would like to like to either push a specific rank or push all the way to Rank 14.

Guild Discord Server to ask questions and come chat –

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Raid Requirements


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You can contact Vendetta at the Discord username: Warcrime#1229. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Vendetta Rogue 19/33/0 Orc