It’s a new guild starting with friends and other wow players that we met all over those years. Actually, we have players from all over the world like Canada, US, Brasil, Portugal, Spain, France etc. Some people started to play WoW since the first beta in 2004. Others joined that World later. Many raids during all those years with different guilds in a lot of servers. We also played Classic WoW again in Elysium Private Server finishing MC, BWL and AQ. Our leaders have experience and patience to help new vanilla players. 25-30 players atm.

Loot Policy

Loot council

Raid Requirements

Member Expectations: We look for players with focus, who can work on their class, upgrades, how to improve their gameplay and share that with guildies. Friendship should be forever. From us, you can expect people doing their best to everything work fine: leveling, helping friends, instances, pre-bis farm, raid progression, loot distribution, etc. But remember people now work and should have a social life outside WoW (sometimes at least). Since most of us are Brazilian, we should keep Portuguese as our main language. But we are very open-minded and will welcome everyone. Fell free to join us. Dont worry about language limitations.We have officers who are fluent in English (and even French or Spanish if necessary) and will be able to help you out.

Raid Times

Sat 12PM EDT


Raid Schedule: Since we have players all over the world, the solution is to raid on weekends. It doesn’t mean we can’t organize other guild events during week.

  • Saturday: 12PM EDT time (13h BR time). Get your Saturday night free for a bar with friends, dinner with gf/wife or parties and nightclubs. Remember to invite your guildies friends to share a beer/vodka.
  • Sunday 3PM EDT time (16h BR time). Get your Sunday lunchtime with family. Your parents/wife will be happy and they will not complain about your wow time.



You can contact SrTwist at the Discord username: Sr_Twist #6609. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
SrTwist Warrior Prot Human