Hail, fellow basement dwellers! After 15 years of facial hair growth in the fetid darkness of our parents’ dwellings, I am pleased to announce that Neckbeards is recruiting! We are a group of longtime Northeast US players, spanning back to the original release of WoW, that have overcome our social anxiety enough to open up our guild to you!

Some of you may recognize the guild name of these infamous gents from the likes of Feenix vanilla private server, and I can assure you that we are indeed the same fedora tipping winners. There, we greased up our beards and successfully delved into the ruins of AQ40 and conquered Black Wing Lair. It is our sincere hope to recreate those moments of glory and more as we feast our way through mouthfuls of Doritos™.

So I invite you, brother (or sister, we don’t discriminate), to consider joining what will undoubtedly be the most memorable experience in Azeroth! Allow us to prove that we are more than just a meme, and come embrace your inner Neckbeard!

To get in early on the action, please join our official Neckbeards Discord© to hang out, and play with emojis, and stuff… Send us a PM for an invite!

Loot Policy


Raid Requirements


Raid Times

Tentative 7:30PM Weeknight and Weekends



You can contact Neckbeardbro at the Discord username: Burburburs #4778. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Neckbeardbro Warrior 11/10/30 Human