Deja Vu is a 18+ adult mix of Hardcore and Casual gamers, that’s comprised of veteran WoW players, some who have been raiding since Vanilla. We are focused on putting together at least one Core raid group with the purpose of progressing as fast as we can while still having a life outside of WOW (if there is such a thing?). That is what makes us a Semi-Hardcore guild. We have a desire to build a community that can be fun but also productive. We are accepting all dedicated and fun members. We want you to want to log on because its fun and you enjoy it… not because its expected. While I have a desire to attempt world firsts I know that there are those who will be no lifing the game on launch, so while MC may be out of the question future content may not.

GUILD DISCORD: (copy paste to web browser)

Loot Policy

Loot will be a Fixed DKP system as soon as a Core Raid group is set with MT/OT priority. Fixed DKP means there is no bidding for items. Items have a fixed price, anyone interested in an item will notify during the loot period. The person with the highest DKP will be awarded the item. If there is a tie for highest DKP those tied will /roll 1000. If no one is interested in an item and it is determined that the item is an upgrade, the item will be assigned to a raider via Council and the DKP will be charged. By forced upgrade I don’t mean small, I mean obvious enough that you should have already shown interest. This is the fairest and easiest system I have used even in classic. It focuses on continuing raid Character and raid progression while not over complicating the process or causing drama with people overbidding to jack the price up.

Raid Requirements

Preparation, Dedication and a GENERAL understanding that you and 39 other people have lives outside of the game as well. The Guild and myself expect you to show up every week, but we understand life happens. However if it becomes an issue and have to consistently replace you week after week the chances are the replacement will be permanent. Replacing someone from a Core Raid group is one of the worst things a raid has to deal with. Show up with Potions/Flasks, Enchants, Upgraded gear from the previous week (obviously not better raid gear, if you had a green, farm a dungeon for an upgrade) we aren’t expecting you to be pre-raid BIS in every slot but if you aren’t putting forth an effort to help 39 others why would you expect 39 other to help you.

Raid Times

Sun and Tues 11 PM EST (8 PM PST) Whitemane is a PST server though there are some of us playing from the East coast.



You can contact CerealKilla at the Discord username: Cereal_Killa #6835. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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