I’m a very experienced raid leader/tank/healer through all expansions from original vanilla release. I have much experience with people of all ages and personalities, and will be putting that experience to it’s full use running this guild. Come join for a very good balance of fun, progression, and socializing.

Loot Policy

Undecided. Likely Leaving up to /roll MS 1-100 OS 1-99.

Raid Requirements

Working mic, On time 15 mins before raid. Come with knowledge of fights, and willingness to learn with the group. Confidence is good, unwarranted arrogance is not.

Raid Times

Uncertain. Likely 5pm-8pm 2-3 nights a week. Likely Tuesday/Thursday/Monday


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Burch Warrior 31/20/0 Orc
Aerynor Warrior Protection/Fury Undead
Zâk Druid Healer Tauren
mikechaos Druid off tank dps maybe heals Tauren
Fhaelix Priest Holy Undead
Mangzor Shaman Restoration Troll