Sanctuary is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a core that has been together for more than 4 years. We started together on Nostalrius where we cleared and farmed all Classic raid content. We stuck together for so long because we genuinely enjoy playing with each other and raid with the mindset of “The group before me”. We don’t strive to be server first; however we do expect to have all content on farm in their respective phases. We have a variety of hardcore, semi-hardcore, and casual players in the guild ranks.

Member Expectations

You are active! Building a community can’t be done with raid loggers. You come to raid prepared with gear up to par for the current content, with consumables and are aware of the fights beforehand. You are able to take criticism. You are always striving to improve yourself. We value our time in game and don’t like to have it wasted.

Recruitment Needs





Any and all exceptional players will be considered.

Raid Schedule

Thur/Sun 8-11pm EST

Mon 8-11 EST as needed

Loot distribution

We run a Loot Council. The decisions are based on a combination of your attendance, performance and activity within the guild.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on discord




Loot Policy


Raid Requirements


Raid Times



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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
randomer Warrior fury Human