< Warcraft’s Finest > [Grobbulus (US - RPPVP)] are looking for players to join a Guild that values player individuality at the same level as content. We expect to grow a social family as well as a raid team, so we really do have something for everyone. Our Goals We intend to play Vanilla with maximum fun. We aim to have a populated voice chat, nightly events and a positive attitude to players and progression. Events will consist of social questing, dungeon runs, world PvP, pre-made BG’s, raids and more! Players are encouraged to pursue their own goals. We want you to choose a race, class and spec based on your interests. We don’t expect you to min-max your class, however, the willingness to take constructive criticism and better yourself is a must. We aim to strike the balance between getting things done and allowing player individuality. Solid experience of actual Vanilla at leadership level should enable us to accomplish this goal. We want to foster good etiquette and spread it across the faction. If you like the idea of dungeon groups that help beginners and help each other learn, world questing that involves cooperation rather than competition and patience over pessimism then this guild is for you. You are… • Patient • Sociable • A team player Requirements • Mature + Patient temperament • Willingness to participate in Guild chat, Discord and Events where possible Recruiting • All classes + specs • Old players • New players • Casual players • Semi-Hardcore players Raid Times Raid days are Tuesdays 6PM to 9PM (PST) and Thursdays 6PM to 9PM (PST) There will be additional content every other evening during similar times and Saturday/Sunday evening activities (ZG/AQ20).

Interested? Find me on Discord at Bergyboo#0034 the raid leader at Smurfy#9226

Questions are welcome in the comments!

Loot Policy

DKP Loot Council

Raid Requirements

All are welcome. The willingness to take constructive criticism and the want to improve are required.

Raid Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays 7PM to 10PM (PST)

Sunday evenings for ZG/AQ20



You can contact Firelily at the Discord username: Bergyboo#0034. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Firelily Warlock TBD Undead