[H] : NA-PvP : Premades everyday once available, raiding FRI/SAT/SUN 8 PM-12 AM EST :Hardcore :Loot council ABOUT US : Hello and welcome to Stun Your Enthusiasm. We are a hardcore raiding guild that is composed of a group of friends with a combined wow experience spanning decades and several members with high end pvp rating, as well as Semi-Professional experience in other games. Founding a new permanent home where we plan to achieve top pvp rating (R14) while also adhering to a specified raid calendar. Goals: We raid to get the gear we need to have a cutting edge in the world pvp and bg scene, hoping to immediately establish daily premades and farming groups to help earn hundreds of those juicy HKs a day. Our focus will be to have most members at rank 11-14 while maintaining steady farm on all current content raids to keep all of our PvP team BiS. Loot: Loot council will work based upon what is most beneficial to our core raid team at the moment. no favorites will be played and all people on the 40-man raid team will not have to worry about gear. Roles needed: All Classes are currently under Recruitment (except for tank) Applying to guild- talk with the GM (wakawaka@#5111) or me (DandyZula#0031) directly! no need to write an essay about how you raided Naxx or heroic Dragon Soul. we can see if you're a good fit/ Have the knowledge and skills required by talking through discord or even messenger if that's more comfortable for you. we do ask that you initially state if you want to just PvP with us or want to participate on our raid team. Raid times: 9-12am Est, Fri, Sat, Sun Further in-depth Requirements for raiding will be discussed within our discord server but expect the standard things (mats,pots, profs, Pre-Bis)

Loot Policy

Loot council/ Dkp in future

Raid Requirements

will discuss in person

Raid Times

Fri,Sat,Sun 9-12 am EST


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DandyZula Priest Holy Undead