If you want to raid in a Hardcore guild where everything is planned out, the atmosphere is positive and non-elitist, your voice gets heard, and the result of every raid encounter is as close to swift and utter domination as possible, then look no further.

Our guild is a gathering of artisans looking to improve and dominate in our respective roles.

What we will strive to offer:

  1. A highly coordinated PvE guild that plans and explains every step
  2. Transparent, competent and fair leadership that recognizes and rewards your dedication
  3. An atmosphere full of excellent and knowledgeable artisans in the true meaning of a Guild.

If this interests you, submit a guild application here:

Loot Policy

Loot Council. BiS items will be distributed in the best interest of the guild, not by who talks the loudest or smiles the most at the Loot Council members. Non-BiS items will be distributed where they provide the best upgrade for each eligible player.

Raid Requirements

We are currently looking for people who:

  1. Aim to be a core member of their faction’s best PvE guild
  2. Strive to improve their individual play
  3. Prepare and listen to instructions to keep everyone following the same tactics
  4. Stay humble, but enjoy min/maxing and theorycrafting
  5. Are positive and can help maintain a non-toxic guild environment.

Raid Times

Wednesday > Thursday > Tuesday (more days on progression only when needed) CEST 20:00-24:00



You can contact terozen at the Discord username: terozen#1295. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
terozen Warrior 19/32/0 Human