Internet Athletes is a core of players that have been playing WOW since classic up to BFA. Experience of our core players includes clearing up to C’thun in vanilla, all of TBC, all WOTLK, all of MOP, all of Legion, and currently all but mythic Jaina. As for PVP we had a Rank 13 and multiple gladiators across expansions. We are seeking members who are competitive in both PVE and PVP who talk a lot of shit and are just overall looking to enjoy Classic WOW. The focus of this guild will consist of competitive battlegrounds (once released), world pvp, trolling, and competitive raid progression. We are currently filling all class slots for raids and PVP teams making it a prime time to join. Recruitment Forum: Guild Information: - Guild Name: Internet Athletes - Faction: Horde - Realm: PVP - Raid Times: TBD - Raid Schedule: TBD - Recruitment Openings: All classes/specs are welcome to apply -Loot Distribution: Loot will be determined by loot council -Discord: Discord Contact Information: iced#6465 What we expect of you: - Access to Discord -Thick skin (be able to give and take shit on a regular basis) -Be chill -Be competent -Be timely -Be prepared for raids - If it is red its dead

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Raid Requirements

Be thick skinned Talk shit Troll Have fun Don’t be an idiot Come prepared

Raid Times

Flexible members will TBD


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Name Class Spec Race
Iced Warrior 31/20/0 Orc