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Intro: Welcome to the DPRA! We praise our Beloved Leaders and fight for the the Party above all!

We are a new guild created for Classic with simple goals. The guild founders have jobs and lives outside of the game so we structure things around that lifestyle, but all are welcome. We want to foster a community of chill people, and we want to help our members achieve their in game goals.

We are looking for pre-release members who want to raid, PvP, or just have a community to level / run dungeons with. We expect to do most recruitment after release.

Raiding: Thursday, Sunday starting 8:30pm EST

We have casual raiding requirements, but a focused approach. We accept raiders of any spec, and we do not require consumables farming or world buffs for raids. We will begin raiding ~2 months after release so our members can have a relaxed leveling experience.

Despite our non-hardcore requirements, we want to clear all content and eventually farm the earlier raids. Prior raiding experience is not required, in fact we expect some raiders to be experiencing the raids for the first time. We will be a tight knit team and feel the rewards of overcoming challenges!

For loot we use a custom SK system.

PvP: For us full time workers, the grind towards R14 is probably out of the question. However, we still plan to have a dedicated PvP team. The team will strive to become a notorious BG team on the server.

If you think yourself a skilled PvPer, want a regular PvP group yet don’t have the time to go for high rank grinds, then this is the place for you!

Party Benefits:

  • Daily bread!
  • Youth Development Program!
  • Free Speech Commune!

If you have dissenting opinions then our People’s Counsel officers want to hear from YOU!

To Join: Please check out our Discord ( for more info! Glory to the DPRA!

*not an RP guild; just having fun with our theme :wink:

Loot Policy

Custom Suicide Kings

Raid Requirements

Come have fun :).

Raid Times

Thursday, Sunday starting 8:30pm EST


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Mist Priest 21/30/0 Night Elf