A fabled few came together with similar interests, level of play and determination to form a guild known as ‘Ethos’. We are a small group of close players that have been raiding over the years but now are looking towards Classic. A fresh start and ultimately a perfect point in time to form and expand our roster as we level through vanilla.

Loot Policy

(Suicide Kings) We understand the importance of each individual in regards to how loot is distributed and the way it is handled. Considering a few factors; position in raid (ie. MT), seniority and a specific item list, we have decided to use the Suicide King’s system. As a guild we will try our hardest to maintain and equally distribute the desired loot under the above circumstances. This system will be discussed in further detail during guild meetings before the first raid.

Raid Requirements

Attendance, consumables, class knowledge, positivity!

Raid Times

We are currently looking at Tuesday and Thursday for our main raid nights with the chance of a off night forming for 20mans (ZG/AQ). 8-11 CST



You can contact Saws at the Discord username: Saws#8386. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Saws Warrior 11/5/35 Human