Orpheuz is a guild created by people who miss the current social part of WoW, but want to play competitively. We as a group didn’t make/join this guild to hit world first or be the most well-known, but aren’t the guys who don’t mind you not showing up for a singed raid night. We like to see ourselves as players with the competitive mindset but who do want to achieve their goals with friends where they can have a laugh with.

Contact: PM Discord R_bit#2026 to get a guild Discord invite

Loot Policy

We will be using DKP (you earn points based on your dedication)

Raid Requirements

  • Competitive players who want to grow in the game
  • Players who are actively playing the game
  • Players who fluently speak English (Decent microphone is req.)
  • Players with a mature attitude in both a social and raiding environment
  • Being able to take and give critique
  • We are NOT looking for people who are afraid to talk.
  • Bring full consumables to raids

Raid Times

Raids: Thu 20:00 CEST (Start) & Sun (TBD) PvP Guild Event:

        Tue 20:00 CEST


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Rudolph Priest 20/0/31 Troll