Malevolent is a semi hardcore guild with an ambition to clear all PvE content as fast as possible with only 3 progress days per week. In those 9 hours of raiding, we aim to make them as efficient as possible and be competitive on clearing speeds. Outside of raids you can find us either making a name for ourselves wPvP’ing, farming that sweet honour in BG’s to reach those prestigious PvP ranks or even farming dungeons for alts.

We are aiming for a roster of 50-55 people - as a semi-hardcore guild we are looking to have a positive impact across our server and have the reputation of being a top tier progression guild. This will mean that all of our members will have to be of a high standard and perform at a respectable level. It is important for each individual to care for their own and the whole guilds success the same.

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Loot Policy

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Raid Requirements

We’re looking for like-minded gamers who are mature, English speaking and also have a working microphone, who will be prepared for the upcoming raids/bosses. Players who bring all relevant consumables, has 90%+ raid attendance, have farmed pre-bis, willing to min-max your character and have a maximum of 4 weeks to level to 60 for endgame content. Socials are more than welcome to join the community and be a part of our guild!

Raid Times

Wed/Thu/Sun 8-11 PM CEST



You can contact Fluffy at the Discord username: Fluffy#6373. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Fluffy Mage 31/0/20 Troll